The Ala Turkish

Cape Town's premiere Turkish restaurant. Serving dishes from our motherland. Give your tastebuds something to cherish.

Famous Mix Grill Platters


Ala Mix for Two

A love letter to those who enjoy great food. Enjoy a broad mix of succulent chicken cubes, lamb cubes, adana kebap, lamb chops, chicken chops and lahmacun. Served with fire!

Perfect for you and that special plus one.

Turkish Mix for Four

A bigger dish means a bigger variety! More portions of our tender grill, including chicken cubes, lamb cubes, adana kebap, lamb chops, chicken chops and lahmacun. Served with fire!

The best dishes are shared amongst friends!

Ottoman Mix for Four

The latest addition to our selection of famous mixed grills. Larger portions of any platter, great to share amongst your group of friends or family.  

Served on our brand new platters, embedded with LED lights!


Get a taste of the Turkish motherland, right here within the heart of Cape Town

Relax at our outdoor seating, where the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of our surrounding  greenery, imbelished by the aromas of perfected dishes and classical Turkish music.

At night our outdoor area is given a mystic aura, encompassed by the soft radiance of our fairy lights, scattered across in the foliage and arched roofing.

  • We're a 100% halaal certified establishment
  • Only attested homemade recipes from Turkey
  • Flavourful food prepared by master Turkish artisan chefs

Join us and see why we are Cape Town's favourite Turkish restaurant.



Our Story

The Turkish culture and lifestyle is embedded within our DNA. From the dishes that make use of tried and tested recipes originating from the bustling cities of Urfa and Adana, to the exotic decor and rich aromas of the homeland. 

Our goal is simple:

Bring a slice of Turkey to the Mother City



  • Tavuk ŞIşR 149.00

Marinated & grilled chicken breast cubes

Served with chips and salad

  • KanatR 149.00

Succulently marinated and grilled chicken wings

Served with chips and salad

  • Tavuk PirzolaR 155.00

Deboned chicken chops, marinated and grilled

Served with chips and salad

  • Tavuk DurumR 110.00

Chicken cubes wrap with onion sumac and tomato

Served with chips


  • Ali NazikR 195.00

Lamb cubes on a bed of smokey aubergine puree

Served with Turkish bread

  • Adana KebapR 149.00

Grilled minced lamb with chilli flakes

Served with chips, salad, rice and flat bread

  • Urfa KebapR 149.00

Minced lamb grilled on flat skewers

Served with chips, salad, rice and flat bread

  • Kuzu PirzolaR 205.00

Four lamb chops marinated in thyme and chilli sauce

Served with chips, salad, rice and flat bread

Adana, Urfa & Beyti


Reminice upon the tastes of the Ottomon Empire with these succulent dishes, made by the hands of master artisan Turkish chefs

  • Kuzu ŞişR 185.00

Marinated cubes of lamb leg grilled on skewers, served with salad, chips, rice and flat bread

  • Adana DurumR 120.00

Minced lamb with Turkish dry chilli flakes wrapped in our homemade flat bread with onion sumac and tomato, served with chips

  • Dana BonfileR 250.00

Tender 220g beef fillet cooked with thyme, served with sautéed mushrooms, homemade secret sauce, salad, chips and flat bread

  • Dana AntrikotR 250.00

Ribeye teak cooked with thyme,  served with sautéed mushrooms, homemade secret sauce, salad, chips and flat bread


Khalil Mamoon

Smoking shisha is commonplace throughout the bustling streets and markets of our homeland. Enjoyed alone or with a group of friends, shisha is part of our everyday culture.

We serve high quality Khalil Mamoon or Al Fakher molasses in authentic and premium built KM hookahs.

Love our shishas? Visit the official Khalil Mamoon South Africa website to get one too!




We Can Host Your Next Dining Experience For You & Your Family!


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Shop 110 The Rockwell, Napier St, De Waterkant, Cape Town, 8001

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Monday - Sunday: 12:00pm - 22:00pm



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